Paradox Girl: First Cycle

Collected Edition TPB

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The First Cycle graphic novel

collects all six issues below! 

Issue #1 Read Online

A Day in the Life

of a Paradox

Issue #4 Sample

Time Wounds

All Heals

Issue #2 Sample

Paradox Girl vs

A Wolverine

Issue #5 Sample

The Paradox

Who Loved Me

Issue #3 Sample

Chekhov's Gun's


Issue #6

The House of


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A huge Thank You to all of our Kickstarter Backers! We couldn't have come this far without you!


Time for a New Kind of Hero!

With the ability to teleport through space and time with unlimited range and perfect accuracy, to change history and create paradoxes without the universe imploding or conspiring to stop her, what could possibly get in Paradox Girl's way...

Her Own Worst Enemy

...other than herself? Living in an eternal, consequence-free 'now' has left her with no foresight and terrible impulse control. She bickers endlessly with her past and future selves, creates problems she'll have to deal with later, and has been fighting herself over the same box of banana flavoured Waffos since 1986. She's changed her past so often and so carelessly...

A Girl Without A Past

...that she no longer has a past, a single origin, or even a real name. She's gained her powers in a hundred different ways, through magic, alien ancestry, mutations, weird science. Whoever she once was, now she's simply...

But Definitely a Real Superhero

...Paradox Girl, hero of Cityopolis! At least, when she manages to stop fighting herself long enough to do anything useful. But she's definitely a legit superhero, she's on kids' lunchboxes and everything, and she hangs out with Axiom Man. (They're not sure who is who's sidekick.)

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