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Who is Paradox Girl?

A Girl Without A Past

Paradox Girl doesn't have an origin story the way that other heroes might. Paradox Girl has gone back in time to fix her own past so many times, the actual truth of where and how things started has been overwritten. Even she (at least the one we now see) doesn't know who she was. She's a living paradox.

A Woman Without A Future

PG's time travel powers aren't bound by the normal rules of cause and effect. Consequences can come before actions. A constantly shifting past means a constantly changing future, the two blending into an endless present. Her timeline criss-crosses over itself again and again. Consequently, she runs into herself - and we mean a lot.

A Hero Without A Clue

...and from thence the humour arose. Where one Paradox Girl shows up, another one isn't far behind, there to fix whatever the first one's done, or vice versa. Paradox Girl does a lot without thinking of consequences, since she can always get a do-over. Your expectations will be confounded...

Hey, that's not nice!

It's unfair to classify me as some sort of clueless airhead! I'm smart, capable, super pretty, charming, uh, punctual? Anyway, I'm lots of things more than just a time traveller who argues with herself and screws things up.

It's still true though

Sure, but you still do an awful lot of those things too. You're infinite, so while there might be 4 of you somewhere saving children from a burning school, there's probably 800 more of you arguing about why you set the school on fire in the first place.

K, point.

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We love Paradox Girl, and we think you will too. We've made one comic "A Day in the Life of a Paradox" with stunning art by Yishan Li, but we need you if we're going to make more. We have lots of ideas and stories for her, and we can't wait to share them with you. If you want to help, you can buy the comic above, or sign up to hear when the print version is out below. If you want to do even more, you can tell your friends about Paradox Girl, or leave a tip to fund future issues by clicking the + symbol on the Humble widget.

It's time for a new kind of hero!

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Issue one: A Day in the Life of a Paradox

Issue two: Paradox Girl vs A Wolverine

Issue three: Chekhov's Gun's Paradox

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